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Classes Terms & Conditions

No make up sessions.
If a class is not attended, it is not possible to offer a make-up session.

Cancellations/Absence Refunds.
We cannot provide refunds for cancellations. Fees will not be refunded for absence through sickness or any other reason.

Lockdowns/Pandemic Closures. 
In the event of closure due to local lockdown our classes will move online. No refunds or credits will be issued for sessions that cannot be attended in person.

No sibling discounts.
We cannot offer sibling discounts. Twins Discount is available upon request for Term Time bookings only (not Holiday Schools), please contact the office on 020 7223 0123.

Family Membership Fee.
All new Families must pay the £35 Family Membership Fee. Family Membership Fees are non-refundable.

New Family Credits.
In the first week of term only, New Families may request a credit for the remaining sessions of that term. Family Membership Fees remain non-refundable.

Booking Online.
Termly and Holiday Class Bookings are taken online through the Paint Pots House website. Class bookings cannot be made with our teachers.

Confirmed Bookings.
No class space is confirmed until payment is received by the Paint Pots and the office has contacted you in writing to confirm your booking.

Class Transfers.
Transfer between classes is at the sole discretion of Paint Pots House and is subject to availability.

Class Price.
Our classes are priced by the term. No space is reserved on our registers until you have paid the termly fee and received a confirmation booking email.

Waiting List.
When a class is full you can join our waiting list for any spaces that become available during the term. We will work through our waiting list in order of the date you joined it. To help us offer class spaces to our families as quickly as possible please make sure that you answer this call. If we do not hear from you within 2 hours, we will offer that space to the next family on our waiting list.

Prorated Fees.
Families starting after week 3 of each term will have their fees prorated. These fees are adjusted online at the end of each week.

Siblings/Friends attending.
It is not possible to bring siblings/ other friends along to your class as the class may be full and a younger/older child can be disruptive to the other children.

Removal from the register.
Paint Pots reserves the right to ask Parents to remove the Child permanently from the class if, because of the conduct of a parent or the Child, it appears to the Class Teacher that the continued presence of the Child is incompatible with the interests of the class. There would be no refund of Fees in these circumstances.

Sickness & Illness.
Please do not bring sick children to the classes. Families arriving with an ill child will be asked to go home.

Mobile Phones.
Please turn off your phone during the accompanied classes.

Please keep non-class related conversation to a minimum in the class.