Teacher and children meditating


Within the child lies the fate of the future.

Maria Montessori

From an internal understanding of emotions and wellbeing to a wider understanding of social interactions our Peace curriculum gives children the skills to become happy, healthy members of their communities.

Understanding their emotions and how to regulate them combined with mindfulness practices, give children a range of life-skills to promote good mental health.

Yoga, rest your mind time and quiet contemplation are combined with an introduction to the vocabulary for children to be able to identify and articulately express their feelings. This brings an enlightened dialogue into the classroom.

Maria Montessori stated that ‘the child is both a hope and a promise for mankind’. Montessori saw that peace is not only about cessation of conflict, it is about developing a mind-set of cooperation and respectful acceptance of diversity of cultures, religions and caring attitudes towards our rich natural environment.

At Paint Pots we explore a variety of cultures and religions with particular focus on those of the families in our settings. Caring attitudes to our environment, each other and cooperation is a daily practice within the classroom in every activity,

Our carefully prepared classrooms offer social responsibility, freedom, and limits, which are a mirror of how our wider society functions.