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Policies & Procedures

This document contains all current Paint Pots policies. Please ensure that you read them carefully.

View Paint Pots Policies & Procedures

View Paint Pots Safeguarding Policies & Procedures

Staff are required to read them carefully and ensure that they use them in their work at Paint Pots. Policy documents are supplemented by procedures for carrying out duties at Paint Pots. All staff are asked to sign a statement that they have read these documents and agree to comply with their provisions.

When the policies are changed or updated in any way, the Head Teacher(s) will ensure that each member of staff signs a copy of the circulated update so that everyone is aware of the change.

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OFSTED is our regulatory body. We will notify them in the case of a safeguarding case, emergency or serious accident, lost child, food poisoning or if we have an Infection Disease. We also refer to Ofsted in our Complaints, Child Protection and Health & Safety Policies.