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Affiliates & Partners

Held & Heard

Georgina, our Principal, blends her knowledge of Parenting and Wellbeing in peaceful harmony through Paint Pots only sister company, Held & Heard.

Held & Heard is a unique tranquil and restorative space where people feel held and are heard. Offering a blend of guidance, events and retreats for anyone on the journey of self-discovery through being a parent.

Parenthood is an incredible blessing, but it certainly comes with its own unique issues and challenges. Sometimes the simplest bit of practical advice can make an instant difference. Bringing a confident calm in your relationship between yourself and your child.

Through Held & Heard Georgina’s aim is to empower you to enjoy your children to the fullest.

My Montessori Child

Paint Pots Montessori Schools offer parents ‘My Montessori Child’ This application has been designed to allow parents a unique insight into their child’s day, along with photo observations and work portfolio. This is updated regularly and has proven to be an excellent link between home and school.

It also provides the teachers with an excellent system to monitor each child’s progress. Reducing the amount of time spent on record keeping and freeing our teachers up to spend more time in the classroom.

Montessori Centre International

All Paint Pots nursery schools are accredited by MEAB under the umbrella of Montessori Centre International (MCI).

MCI is one of the UK’s leading providers of Montessori training to meet the needs of the Early Years communities in the UK and around the world. The Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board (MEAB) started in 2007and offers accreditation for Montessori schools and early years settings both in the UK and globally.

Montessori Centre International is part of the Montessori Group (formerly the Montessori Schools Association), which includes the Montessori St Nicholas charity that carries out social impact work.

Bi Borough Childrens Services

Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster councils Childcare and Early Education teams have joined forces. They offer a wide range of support and high-quality training for all Early Years settings in the borough.

The Kipungani Schools Trust

The Kipungani Schools Trust is a charitable organisation, administered without cost, that rebuilds primary schools along the coast of Kenya, funds related community projects and sponsors scholarship students to move on to secondary education. Its ethos is to ensure that every penny raised arrives in Africa without deduction and is spent in an ethical, efficient and economical way, demonstrating to both Kenyans and donors alike that small sums of money, effectively spent, can and will change Africa.