Hanging crafts


Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and strength, use it to create.

Maria Montessori

What sets Paint Pots apart is our blend of creativity with the Montessori way. We celebrate the individuality of every child and strive to unlock their true potential. Our classrooms display many of their beautiful art works.

Children are encouraged to develop skills by being given access to high-quality materials. The resources are plentiful, accessible and appealing.

From paper and pencil to the art easel with paint, children can freely choose to engage with a variety of more traditional art process. To further extend creativity we offer plenty of opportunities for junk modelling or 3D work with clay. As well of lots of fun materials such as glitter or googly eyes.

Art activities can be introduced by our teachers, inspiring the children by sharing various techniques and ideas. These are opportunities for the children to observe and be inspired often develop into the child’s own ideas. These ideas are then nurtured and supported by our teachers, who might suggest the use of a variety of materials, a new technique or tips on how to improve their skills.

Creative efforts are supported and appreciated by a teacher, with meaningful conversation about the qualities of their work. Children will also have the opportunity to see what their friends have done – the older, more mature children providing inspiration for the younger ones. 

Music is a part of daily life at Paint Pots as we sing our way through the day. Musical instruments are introduced during our weekly music sessions led by one of our teaching musicians.