Moving on to the next class at Paint Pots House Creative Classes

Paint Pots

Baby on the Move & Music – 12 – 18 months.

This delightful class was a continuation of the Baby Moves & Music sessions which we attended the previous term. The session’s format remained the same, beginning with free play. Cleverly thought out activities had been dotted around the room encouraging Taylan to explore his super cool new skills of walking, sorting and transferring.

True to Taylan’s shy nature, it took him a while to build up the confidence to independently discover what was hidden amongst the enticing activities, so for the first few sessions he chose to play with whatever was nearest to him and the noisier the activity the better! Sorting chains which clanked and chimed in a metal bowl, sorting bangles which jingled furiously against each other and banging the hell out of whatever was closest with a wooden spoon. He was engrossed and quickly moved onto other activities without noticing I was no longer at arms-length.

Week after week as I sat increasingly further away, I observed his busy little mind at work. He was beginning to engage with his peers, thanks to the sociable set-up of the room. He was also able to create his own activities by collecting objects from around the room; when he transferred a ball from A to B by balancing it on a spoon, over and over again, he even applauded his own accomplishment! Halfway through the class we tidied away (a ‘game’ he now thankfully plays at home!) and gathered to enjoy music and singing. During the previous terms sing-songs, his mesmerised state had been broken only when he remembered to wave his instruments and bob his head. This term however with his newfound movement and sense of familiarity, he was dancing along as best toddlers can dance. Using instruments and props each nursery rhyme came alive, igniting his imagination with a magic spark.

Alexia De Angelis – Paint Pots Mum