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About Georgina Hood

Paint Pots Montessori Nursery Schools and Creative Classes are a group consisting of three accredited Montessori Nursery Schools.

Paint Pots Montessori Nursery Schools are in Bayswater, Hyde Park and The Boltons. Alongside the Montessori Nursery Schools, we run creative classes for children based at The Boltons and Bayswater.

Paint Pots Montesori Schools are OFSTED registered and MEAB accredited.

About Georgina Hood

Georgina Hood founded Paint Pots Montessori Schools in 1988.  With a history in Early Years Education spanning over three decades, one of Georgina’s main goals continues to be to lead by example and inspire teachers and parents to listen to and follow the child. With this message Georgina delivers a strong powerful foundation to all within the community of Paint Pots Montessori Schools and Creative Classes.  These gifts are “lessons in life” and are found the Montessori way of teaching. They enable the child to grow and develop at their own speed and time in a happy and carefully designed Montessori environment. These skills follow the children’s next steps into their school and will sub-consciously be a part of their everyday learning until they graduate and step out into the world to follow them in everyday life.

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