“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”
~ Maria Montessori

Paint Pots The Grove (formerly Bayswater)

Paint Pots Montessori Schools Bayswater moved to Westbourne Grove Church on Westbourne Grove, W11 2RW in April 2021. Now known as Paint Pots The Grove our school is based in a large open plan classroom.

Our environment is carefully designed so that all activities are at the children’s height and to encourage freedom of movement and choice. The space allows the children to share a wide range of Montessori materials and enables them to discover, explore, learn and enhance their skills at their own pace. The teachers observe the children so that we are aware of when a child is ready to extend their learning. Presentations and materials are then prepared to challenge children to increase their knowledge and abilities. We rotate the activities on display to ensure the environment is always fresh and enticing. The children can work independently, with their friends or with a teacher promoting good self esteem and social skills. Parents are involved in the children’s learning and are always welcome to come and join us for projects or on outings.

On arrival the children are greeted by one of the teachers and from the minute they arrive at school are free to choose their own activity working independently or with others.  At Bayswater we are all passionate about the creative development of the children and offer a wide variety of creative activities and ideas.  Frequently the children come and tell us exactly what they would like to do and it is our role to empower them and help them help themselves.  As every activity has a positive learning goal we can trust the child to follow their  own instincts and make their own choices.

The only time we will interrupt the free work cycle is to visit our local Gardens. The children are lucky to have a choice of three local gardens within a short walk. We ensure that we go outside every day, either in the morning or the afternoon, encouraging the children to be aware of the importance of fresh air and exercise. The natural environment is a place of wonder for children and is integral to our curriculum. The children assist us by bringing nature into the classroom to inspire their enquiring minds. 

We cook once a week introducing them to a wide range of culinary techniques and healthy food, including the occasional sweet treat!  A snack table is set up in the classroom where the children can help themselves to fruit and water. We limit contributions of cake or biscuits to birthdays and special occasions. Once the children reach the age of three they have the choice to stay for the full day. The children bring in healthy packed lunches and are involved in preparing the tables and washing up the crockery afterwards. Lunch time is a relaxed and social part of the day where we all sit down and eat together.

We have a weekly “Show and Tell” where parents are welcome to join us and it is during this time that the children proudly show us their treasured possessions or relate their stories. We like to work closely with the families and parents and believe communication between home and school to be vital.

The children start at Paint Pots Montessori School The Grove at 2 years 6 months and can stay with us till the year of their fifth birthday. From September 2021 we will start to welcome 2 year olds to our Nursery and will become a year round setting. Children from 12 months old will be welcomed from September 2022.

Nursery Details

School Location:
Paint Pots The Grove,
Westbourne Grove Church,
Westbourne Grove ,
W11 2RW,

School Hours
Mornings: 9.15am – 12.30pm
Afternoons: 1.15pm – 3.45pm

Head Teacher:
Vinni Lewis

Designated Safeguarding Lead:
Vinni Lewis

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