What is the Montessori Method of Teaching?

Maria Montessori was a pioneer, a revolutionary figure in history and to this day the face of Montessori education. Montessori, who was initially trained as a physician in Italy, was drawn to the study of children, specifically those who were labelled as being incapable of being educated. She came to the conclusion after working one on one with individual children that they naturally learn in, from and within their surroundings.

Montessori strongly focuses on the individual child, allowing them to develop at their own pace. This specific way of teaching presents a child with a broader curriculum which expands into life skills. The Montessori approach allows children the freedom to learn through understanding, rather than being instructed on what to do. From this understanding a child can easily develop confidence and pleasure in expanding their knowledge.

Acquiring a greater perspective on how children absorb knowledge, the teachers then provide the child with tools and opportunities tailored to help them experience the world independently. In connection, there is a physically powerful element to many Montessori activities, encouraging aptitude, balance and appreciation of colours figures and dimensions.

In this setting, a close relationship is naturally formed between the child, the teacher and environment. This relationship continuously evolves and flourishes; it is based on close study of a child. The observations correlate to the use of specific materials in a Montessori environment particularly prepared for a child’s present desires. A Montessori trained teacher encourages a child as an individual and promotes a dependable approach to learning which enables a child to improve at their own pace rather than at a speed that is expected in a classroom.

Freedom of a child’s choice lends itself to facilitating spontaneous activities whilst divulging into unexpected possibilities. He will naturally develop the capacity to direct his learning’s by devising their own work plan following his unique pattern and rhythm of work.

A Montessori Education supports the concept of making the most of your child’s individual potential. At Paint Pots Montessori Schools we encourage the individual child’s ability to embrace the learning and day to day challenges with curiosity and eagerness.