“At Paint Pots the Ethos is to follow the child and see each and every one of them as an individual while providing a 360 degree education” ~ Georgina Hood

About Paint Pots Montessori Schools

In 1988 Paint Pots Montessori School Bayswater opened its doors. Over the next 20 years Paint Pots Montessori opened in various locations across Central London – Paint Pots Chelsea, followed by Paint Pots Hyde Park and more recently, in 2014, Paint Pots The Boltons, SW10 became the most recent addition. Paint Pots Montesori Schools are OFSTED registered and MEAB accredited.

About Paint Pots Creative Classes

Paint Pots Creative Classes was initially set up in Bayswater at the same time as the first Paint Pots Montessori School. Paint Pots House Creative Classes now run in the same buildings as the Montessori Schools at The Boltons and at Bayswater. 

About Georgina Hood

Georgina Hood founded Paint Pots Montessori Schools in 1988.  With a history in Early Years Education spanning over three decades, one of Georgina’s main goals continues to be to lead by example and inspire teachers and parents to listen to and follow the child. With this message Georgina delivers a strong powerful foundation to all within the community of Paint Pots Montessori Schools and Creative Classes. These gifts are “lessons in life” and are found the Montessori way of teaching. They enable the child to grow and develop at their own speed and time in a happy and carefully designed Montessori environment. These skills follow the children’s next steps into their school and will sub-consciously be a part of their everyday learning until they graduate and step out into the world to follow them in everyday life.

Georgina continues to teach each week, specialising in the youngest members of the Paint Pots community, working with mothers and babies  of 6 – 12 months and 12 – 18 months. These unique classes use treasure baskets, heuristic play and music using guitar and voice. Alongside this Georgina offers Parenting classes which involve a series of talks and sessions which give parents the confidence and knowledge to help encourage and support their child in the important early years and in preparation for school. These classes also enhance their understanding, knowledge, well being and health.

Georgina sits on the National Council of the Montessori Schools Association as the London Regional Chair and hosts the Annual National Conference. Due to her involvement and dedication this conference has grown from 40 – 900 teachers attending annually. Georgina was awarded Montessorian of the year in 2005.

In recent years, Georgina launched Heart Montessori, a bespoke International Educational Consultancy, developing a vision that supports new education initiatives. She is currently involved in Africa and China.  In addition, Georgina is a traditonal Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master which flows into all areas of her practice. Under the expertise and guidance of Georgina, the teachers from the Montessori Schools have now started to introduce the Paint Pots Peace Curriculum to the children. On a daily basis the children have “Rest your mind “time before their day comes to a close. This helps the children connect with their mind, body and spirit and has proved to be huge success.

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