19 07, 2015

Music and Fun at Paint Pots

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Music and Fun Classes


Taylan is now two. He is a whirlwind of toddlerisms, with endless noise and soaring emotions. With mastering the ability to form sentences his desire to be active means he never stops talking, shouting or singing. Yet something happens to him in group situations – he withdraws to observe his surroundings and […]

7 01, 2015

Early Montessori Class – next steps at Paint Pots

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Early Montessori Class – next steps at Paint Pots

I’ve patiently waited for Taylan’s first words. His peers had begun to verbalise months ago and Taylan had only ever managed ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ and other nonsensical babble. This term at Paint Pots there was a particular focus on achievement and it wonderfully coincided, not with Taylan’s […]

7 01, 2015

Toddler Art and Music Class at Paint Pots

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Toddler Art and Music Class at Paint Pots

As an avid painter I was really excited about this class and not just because I’d be able to collect precious first artwork, but also because I could learn how to introduce Taylan to art in a more controlled environment, not risking a crazed toddler running riot with […]

3 11, 2014

Is this normal toddler behaviour?

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Is this normal toddler behaviour? ‘He is going through a funny phase.’ I explain when Taylan bursts into tears for no apparent reason / hits another child / squeals at unbelievable decibels all day long. He’s been going through it for quite some time, I think to myself as he rocks side to side with […]

23 09, 2014

Moving on to the next class at Paint Pots House Creative Classes

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Baby on the Move & Music – 12 – 18 months.

This delightful class was a continuation of the Baby Moves & Music sessions which we attended the previous term. The session’s format remained the same, beginning with free play. Cleverly thought out activities had been dotted around the room encouraging Taylan to explore his super […]